Best train journeys in North America

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For more than a century, trains ruled the world of mass transit. They were simply the best and safest way to get from A to B. Even today, rail remains a viable transit choice in places with modern, high-speed networks (like Japan and Western Europe). In North America, however, outside of a few city subway systems and a handful of high-traffic regional lines, trains are no longer a major part of the car-and-plane-dominated modern transportation scene.
However, passenger trains do still run through North America. They remain a viable option for unhurried travelers and people in search of a greener and more scenic way to get wherever they are going. The environmental benefits of rail are real, and so is the fact that it is safer to ride in a train than to get behind the wheel and take your chances on the highway. Those who can find the right routes and adopt an unhurried mindset will come away from their time on the rails with the impression that trains are still one of the best ways to journey though North America.
Want to see what the tracks of the U.S. and Canada have to offer, including Castle Mountain outside Banff, Alberta, shown in this photo? Read on! (Text: Josh Lew)
Rocky Mountaineer passes Castle Mountain outside Banff, Alberta

Photo:Rocky Mountaineer