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23661413Remote islands everywhere have their own distinct energy challenges. As a country with many small islands, Japan has been addressing that issue at home.

The small island of Miyakojima, which is part of Okinawa prefecture, faces many challenges that are unique to remote and isolated islands.

For example, it has higher energy costs due to a reliance on imported energy, and the risk of electrical outages from strong typhoons. Miyakojima is also interested in preserving its natural environmental beauty, both for residents and for its tourism industry.

In order to resolve these challenges and provide a better way forward, Toshiba is supporting three projects on Miyakojima:

1)     Miyakojima City Island-wide Energy Management System (EMS) Demonstration
2)     Solar Recharging Station using Micro-EV Experimental Study
3)     Kurima Island Renewable Energy 100% Self-Supporting Demonstration

For each project on Miyakojima, we are working to raise the level of energy self-sufficiency by implementing renewable energy that is best for local geographical conditions. This includes using storage batteries, information communication technologies, and by controlling the supply and demand of electricity on the island to use it more efficiently.

Information on these projects and future goals can be seen on a new infographic available at SlideShare.

Miyakojima has set specific goals for its future, including the following:

  • 40% of its cars will be electric by 2030
  • 40% of its homes will have solar panels
  • The smaller island of Kurima will be 100% energy self-sufficient through the use of renewables

As we build and test new energy supply and demand systems for Miyakojima, we do so with the awareness that these renewable systems can be implemented elsewhere. Our testing is designed to expand our knowledge of the best solutions, so that we can help to make these available globally.

At Toshiba, we plan to share and standardize the knowledge and experience that we gain through these projects, while adjusting to the unique needs of our customers. That way, we can quickly provide more accurate solutions for each geographical region, and support the achievement of more sustainable societies.

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