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Best parks of Lithuania – Le bellezze del centro Europa

Best parks of Lithuania – Le bellezze del centro Europa

di Agata Jevstignejeva

Lithuania could be proud with some really beautiful and exciting parks in the open air where cultural and art values perfectly match with nature. Local and people who are visiting Lithuania are invited to visit objects which can perfectly describe old Lithuanian traditions, values, medieval or modern art or just simple enjoy nice weather and great company outside.

Open air museum of Lithuania

            People who would like get more closer to Lithuanian folk traditions should visit museum in the open air at Rumsiskes town. The main objects in this museum are living and farm houses, which were resettled from different regions of Lithuania – Aukstaitija, Dzukija, Suvalkija, Zemaitija and Mazoji Lietuva. They have grouped to some complexes: houses, small villages and small cities. Buildings show the most characteristic features and decor of architecture from different ages and social layers.

            Visitors of this museum also can admire surroundings of buildings – blooming greenery and sacral monuments. It is allowed to visit buildings from inside and meet authentic traditions of Lithuanians.  Inside of 51 of buildings are arranged expositions of interior with that time specific equipment – furniture, tissues, kitchen utensils, working tools. In some of these buildings different work processes such as pottery, processing of amber, wood, metal is showing.Open-Air_Lithuania_2010_05-GJ

Park of Europe

centro europa Park of Europe is recommended to visit for those who prefer interaction of art and nature. It is one of the most visiting parks in Lithuania created by Gintaras Karosas in 1991. It settled down near the geographical center of Europe near Joniskis village and shows rich art of Europe. Here visitors can find more than 90 creations which was brought from 27 countries.

One of the most interesting object in the park is “LNK infotree”. It is labyrinth whole made from 3000 old televisions. This unbelievable masterpiece was added to Guinness record book as the biggest sculpture of this type. Televisions for this sculpture where given by Lithuanian people during the action “Give your old TV for Europe” (“Atiduok savo seną televizorių Europai”). In the middle of this creation is sculpture of Lenin which symbolizes Soviet ideology absurd, which was translated more than 50 year in Lithuania.

            The sculptures are very diverse – from those leaning to the ground to those standing up to ten meters high, from covering just one square meter or others covering 3135 square meters of land. All exhibits weight about 1,000 tons – so much stone, wood, concrete and other materials were used to create the museum in the open air.

labirinto televisori

Mosedzio museum of stonesmuseum of stone

In the north-west of Lithuania there is small countryside which famous because of unique museum of rare stones.It takes place in the valley of river Bartuva and consists compositions of more than 150 000 different stones from which the smallest one weight less tha1n one gram and the biggest – more than 50 tones. Story of establishment of museum goes to 1957 when doctor Vaclovas Intas was visiting his patient and had found a rare 50 kg stone. He liked it so much so brought it to his hospital where he was working yard.

Now museum has two main expositions. First one arranged in the old mill where visitors can explore geological maps, classified rock’s fragments, fossils, collections of sand which is rich its unique structure and coloring and even real stones which were removed from gall and liver of humen .

Second exposition is made outside. Becouse of it arrangment visitors can feel they are walking in nature of Sweeden or Finland. There it could be seen, touched or even felt mistery and powerty of stones which landed during ice-age approximatly   700.000 – 13.000 years ago.

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