HomeBiogas è un  brevetto di una start up isaraeliana ed è già partita la campagna di crowdfunding per avviare la produzione di serie

home biogas

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Thanks to the genius of an Israeli start-up company, the leftovers and food scraps people haphazardly throw into the trash can now be repurposed into fuel for cooking and fertilizer.

As the video above shares, the HomeBiogas unit can take organic waste and convert it into enough gas for 2-4 hours of cooking, as well as 5 – 8 liters of organic liquid fertilizer, every single day.

The company’s aim is to help users convert waste into fertilizer and gas, and is especially focused on helping those in developed nations do so. According to the EPA,  food waste is now the largest solid waste contributor to landfills – and developed nations discard the most. As uneaten leftovers rot underneath the sun, they produce methane – a gas with 25 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. 

Eliminating food waste would have the same impact on greenhouse gas emissions as taking a quarter of all cars in America off the road, which is why a unit like this one is so important.

Credit: HomeBiogas

Credit: HomeBiogas

Every day, the unit can take in up to 6 liters of any food waste (including both meat and dairy, which are often not recommended for home composting) or up to 15 liters per day of animal manure (including pet waste, which is also not usually recommended). In turn, it can produce enough fuel to cook several meals per day, while also producing a rich organic fertilizer capable of boosting soilfertility and garden yields, reports TreeHugger. 

In the backyard of a suburban house or near an off-grid abode, this device can function as a valuable component of a home’s energy network.

Credit: HomeBiogas

The company shares on it website that 1 kilogram of food waste can produce an average of about 200 liters (7 cubic feet) of gas, which can fuel an hour’s worth of cooking over a high flame.

With a full daily input of 6 liters of organic waste, then, the company’s units can produce several hours of cooking gas each day while helping homes eliminate one ton of organic waste each year.

Credit: HomeBiogas

Due to their low cost, the units are being billed as an affordable and easy-to-assemble product that can easily fit into a backyard or greenhouse. They measure 123cm/165cm (48”x65”x39.4”) and weigh in at less than 40 kg (88lb).

Not only that, they’re reportedly simple to operate. Part of the appeal, says users, is that they require minimal annual maintenance.

Credit: HomeBiogas


The company is presently crowdfunding to get the HomeBiogas devices into full production. Backers have the unique opportunity to reserve one for themselves with a pledge of $890, which is a significant discount considering its price will be $1500 after the campaign ends.

You can learn more by visiting HomeBiogas and its IndieGoGo campaign. 

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