Riproponiamo un’idea del Daily News. L’esperimento – 31 modelli d’imballaggio – di bottiglie d’acqua, consiste nel stampare codici a due dimensioni facilitando la scansione diretta sul proprio cellulare al fine di assicurarsi un maggior numero di lettori.  Non solo semplici bottiglie d’acqua – quindi – ma opportunità per informarsi.

Il costo per bere ed informarsi ? 3 euro.


The print media industry in the world are facing the challenge of marginalization. In recent days, the public micro-channel called “MICU design” Japanese newspaper has reported that the “newspaper” printed “water bottle” act. Although the act is small but full of good intentions. It makes more young people pay much more attention to develop the habit of newspaper reading.


It is reported that probably in 2014, when the Japanese Daily News found that young people buy a newspaper every day less and less, but they buy bottled water every day. So they decide to turn newspaper into beverage bottles packaging materials. Then there will be more than one channel so that young people real newspapers and in the course of their activities, but also deliberately reduced the price of bottled water, making every consumer can afford the original about 6 yuan to buy mineral water and now only three dollars. A windfall is to use a newspaper to do the packaging, designed to force the girl not only did not reduce, but the degree of recognition on the shelf is also quite high.


In order to ensure readability and news updates, Japan Daily News in a month’s time, launched a total of 31 models of packaging, while the bottle is also printed two-dimensioanl code, consumers can scan two-dimensioanl code, the phone read the latest news side, not so much, which is to save paper media, but rather, is to awaken young people’s awareness of concern for political news.

With two-dimensional code on the packaging, young people by phone to scan the QR code on the phone to read the latest news, you can say Daily News both saved the traditional paper newspaper, turn towards the mobile end user.